About Us


Some journeys in life were never meant to be navigated alone. I passionately believe that raising a child is one of them. As a new mum myself, the truth of the proverb ‘it takes a village to a raise a child’ resonates to my core.

 The past three years of motherhood have defined the people in my life that make up my village and add immeasurable value to this journey. In more ways and on more occasions than I can count, these women have kept me sane.

 As a village we have sat, feet up on coffee tables, braless, vomit stains on shirts, rocking mum buns, while we laughed, cried, vented, celebrated, prayed, worried, napped and navigated our way to where we find ourselves today.

 And all the while I couldn't help but think 'what would our world look like if more mums could support other mums’. If we united to create a safe place for those less than perfect moments, the silly questions and the tough days. If we had a supportive listening ear, open arms and our own group of mums championing each other on whilst making a positive impact in our world.

 Hence, 'Monty + Olive' was birthed and I am so glad you're here.




We're an Australian based community of mums who believe in you and your tribe. We are natural, real, authentic, safe, fun and passionate about you and your babe.

As a mum of a beautiful baby boy, I understand the value of the sisterhood and would love for you to be part of ours - there is always room for one more. Let this be your safe place to be you and discover the rest along the way.

I am not a parenting expert and don’t claim to be one. My heart for you is that you will thrive in this season, so let us do what we can to cheer you along throughout your unique journey.

Through this journey I discovered the products we needed, and those we could live without. As an extension to fostering a community of mums, I wanted to source items that weren’t just great value but also saved you time. So you could get back to building your village.

Head over to our Instagram or Facebook to say "hi" and find out more about who we are. We pray that you will be refreshed, encouraged, inspired and pick up goodies along the way.

From my family to yours welcome to the village. We're better because you are here.